The Santa Maria

This magnificent replica of Christopher Columbus’s galleon “SANTA MARIA” was built in
the island of Madeira at the small fishing village of Câmara de Lobos. Along with seven local craftsmen,
Mr. Robert Wijntje, a Dutchman who has made his home in Madeira, realized his dream when he started building
the Santa Maria in July 1997. The construction took one year finishing in July 1998. In that same year the
“SANTA MARIA DE COLOMBO” represented the Madeira wine at the Expo 98 in Lisbon,
where in just 25 days was visited by 97,016 people.

Come and join us and feel exactly how Christopher Columbus felt in his trip headed to the unknown.

About Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451
and spent part of his life at the service of the Portuguese Merchant Navy.

In 1492, the Kings of Spain financed an expedition where Christopher Columbus
had intended to come to India by sea, but instead of discovering India , he discovered America.

“THE SANTA MARIA” flag ship, the biggest of the three ships that compose his fleet was the leader
of this expedition and the ship that Christopher Columbus used to find America.

The trip…
Our trip allows witness a unique experience aboard a boat
that tells stories in every corner.

Marine Life

The island of Madeira is well known for sightings of sea view.
In all our trips there are strong chances of seeing whales, dolphins and other species of marine life.

Stop for swimming

When maritime conditions permit, we made a stop where
you can enjoy swimming.


All our visitors are invited to have a small snack that includes a glass of Madeira wine and a slice of our famous honey cake .

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